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thereputic foodsYou are what you eat. This well-known saying holds true for our fluffies as well. They were not designed to eat a diet of dry kibble all the time. Eating kibble can lead to and imbalance of the body energies and can cause blood deficiency which may lead to cancer. There are several different categories of foods including Yin foods (e.g duck, rabbit, oysters, tofu) and Yang food (e.g chicken, kidney, lamb, cinnamon bark, clove, nutmeg, dried and fresh ginger, garlic) which are grouped by their natures and characteristics according to TCVM methodology. Food affects the digestive, metabolic, and physiological processes of the body and therefore have have a large impact on its overall health. TCVM Food Therapy is an integral part of an ancient and well-researched system of health and healing. Food therapy is often utilized alone or (more often) in conjunction with other modalities to treat disease patterns (see Daisy’s case).

Preparing a home-made diet can be time consuming and a bit of a challenge, especially for a cat. Most cats and some dogs can be very fussy and don’t like a sudden change of a diet. We have found however that if new foods are gradually introduced (see Daisy’s case) they are generally accepting of the switch. We all know that eating only processed food from cans, boxes and bags is bad for us. None of us could live on McDonald’s hamburgers or breakfast cereal for our entire lives. This is exactly the same for our fluffy friends. It is important to feed them fresh, whole foods and not toxic processed and preserved foods. The popularity of commercial pet foods is due mainly to convenience factors and a continuous barrage of brain-washing by big corporations in the form of advertising. Pre-made raw frozen foods, as well as freeze-dried and dehydrated varieties available for those who are too busy to make their own fresh foods . Dr. KK will discuss your fluffy’s diet and any special dietary needs she would recommend based on their disease patten during your initial consultation.

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